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We didn’t really know what to say here, so we’d like to make both your and our browsing time more enjoyable with this charming poem by Jan Brzechwa:

Thread and Needle Spun a Waltz

Thread and needle spun a waltz,
Needle – smoothly, thread with faults.

Needle’s moves hit perfect angles,
The thread always gets a tangle.

Needle leaps for thread to follow:
“Oh, you’re agile as a swallow!”

Needle whirls into tight stitch,
Dashing by – thread follows each.

Needle’s up, thread’s to the side,
Needle’s eye is open wide.

Nimble, fast, fit as a fiddle,
‘Oh,’ the thread gasps, ‘what a needle!’

And so they danced to setting sun,
Until the dress was sewn and done.

(Translated by: Witold Wojtaszko)

Same thing at FajnaSzwalnia. The end result is always stunning :8)


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